Jenna Lamorna

Instructor and Studio Owner at Ouen Pilates

‘Pilates has changed my life over the last year. I now feel strong and flexible, and can’t thank you enough.’ – CLIENT TF

Jenna’s love for embodied movement started in London, where the absence of coastal living led her to find new interests. She started both yoga and reformer pilates in her early twenties and felt significant changes to her alignment, posture and strength.

Jenna is a BASI® Pilates Comprehensive Global Certified Instructor, covering mat and all pilates apparatus. She opened the first group reformer studio in Jersey in 2017, and holds 100hr advanced YTT with Livin’ Inspired Yoga and Healing Arts.

Jenna is also a Pre/Post Natal and Diastasis Recti specialist with the Centre for Women’s Fitness.
She utilises pilates, stretching and myofascia release to re-tune and optimise bodies.

Jenna loves how movement empowers her clients to heal, realign and become stronger than ever before, whatever their sport or goal.

Why Luna?
Luna, from the latin lucere, means to shine
Luna was the Roman Goddess of the Moon, healing, wilderness and in the underworld, magic.