About Pilates

The mind, when housed in within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power – JOSEPH PILATES

Pilates works to align, balance, and develop flexibility and strength. It focuses on using the correct muscles to move and support the body, particularly the spine.

‘My chiropractor commented my core was so good that I didn’t need any adjustment of my lower back. A first in many years! Results!’ – CLIENT LV

Mat Pilates uses body weight and props to exercise the core and create space in the spine and body

Reformer Pilates uses resistance and instability to condition the core and important stabilising muscles, which prevent injury.

What can I expect?

– Whole body strengthening and toning
– Equal emphasis on strength and stability
– Lean, long, balanced muscles
– Correction of bad movement patterns and imbalances causing issues
– Development of the correct support for your spine and posture
– Improved range of motion and flexibility
– Improved posture and general wellbeing
– Mind/Body, connection to breath, calming yet energising